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Season 1 Episode 16 TOW Two Parts, Part

ROSS: I don't know whether he's testing me, or just acting out, but my monkey is out of control. But, he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, supposedly by accident.

RACHEL: Oh, yeah, I've done that.

ROSS: And then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before I did and pee-ed all over the crossword.

RACHEL: I've never done that.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mother Nature!

Mother nature is playing a cruel joke on those of us who live in good ol' Southern Cali! I got in my car today and it read that outside was 106 degrees! WHAT is that about. Hello didn't you get the memo... IT'S FALL! Now I know I have said that I love summer, but I brace myself every year for the weather change. I pull out the shirts with sleeves and all my jeans! I am now out of my maternity wear and I have yet to squeeze my post preggo butt in my pre-preggo summer clothing! We got our electric bill as well yesterday and we are really good at staying in tier 1 and tier 2. Well we actually hit tier 4 at one point this last month. Mother Nature can you please work with me here? I have a 7 week old who needs her temp regulated!

Tomorrow Sassy embarks on a new adventure. She is in the 3rd grade and it is the first year she gets to play an instrument. She has decided on the violin and today I went out and rented her one. I thought we would be paying an arm and a leg for to play the violin, but the rent is actually pretty reasonable. This is her year of probation, because if she doesn't take it seriously we are not forking over the money to do it next year. I speak from experience, because I was the one sitting in the back pretending I knew how to play. Hopefully she is not like me and is one day a member of the Philharmonic. A mom can dream can't she!

FYI... Day 7 of Princess In Training sleeping through the night! Mommy is loving this!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to the daily grind!

It is once again Monday! Back to get up bright and early, back to getting Sassy to and from school, back to the daily homework struggle, soccer practice, and Eric back to work! I get through every week in one piece but when Monday rears it's ugly head once again like clockwork I can only see EVERYTHING I need to get done!

Eric and I are in the midst of reorganizing our shoebox a.ka. our apartment. So much crap has taken residence in this place. I am about to put a 'No Vacancy' sign on the door to other crap that tries to make it's way in. I have added baskets and containers to keep things organized and now I have to organize them! This will be a lllooonnnggg project in the works, but I know it will be worth it in the end! Every Wednesday and Sunday (when Eric is off) we will have a new project.

Princess Sassy has been on a sassy roller coaster of attitude... Can I please get off the ride, I am dizzy, nauseous and can't see straight on a daily basis! I am now 'no fun' and 'a meanie'. Doesn't she know that we have to be because it is in our mommy manual? I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't follow the mommy manual, and I am a teacher's pet, so I have to follow it word for word! I just keep telling myself it is a phase and than I break out in a cold sweat, because the pre-teen years are creeping up on us soon and it will only get worse! I guess I am doing my job as the mom!

Princess In Training is growing like a weed these days! I don't know how much she weighs yet, but I am going to guess about 10 pounds. I don't trust my scale, because it never tells me the truth when I get on it. Then why would I believe what it says about "P-I-T"? She will be 2 months, WHAT 2 months, did I just write that, next week? Where did the time go? She gets her first round of immunizations next Thursday. This is when my paranoia subsides a bit and I let people actually look at her for more than a minute. Not all people, just the germy kids at Sassy's school. Of course "P-I-T" is cute, but please don't put your germy hands anywhere near her! I have no idea where they have been. I treat Sassy the same way until the hands are scrubbed!

I almost forgot... I am lifting the ban on all those she has smiled at. Yep this mommy got a smile, not just one but so many I can't count them anymore. They aren't the little smiles either. It was a great, big toothless smile! Look at the picture... see I am not lying! She has also started to play, so I broke out the toys I have been dying to try. She has this plush doll, that rattles and makes that crinkle sound. I have never seen her focus on one thing that long.

Elmo is welcomed back into the family after packing his bags when Sass wyas 5. She loves his voice and we listen to the CD I got over and over and over and over again. It keeps her calm and a happy baby makes this mommy VERY happy!

Oh and be jealous, because "P-I-T" has slept through the night for the last 6 days! God was making up for all the sleepless nights I had with Sassy! I knew my hard work and perseverance would pay off!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My new addiction!!

I have a new addiction! Not like I really need a new hobby, but my great, wonderful friends over at cafemom have turned me onto paint.net! I have been having a fabulous time creating all these embellishments for the hundreds and thousands of pics I have uploaded... oh on that note I found my camera cord!! WOO HOO! I now can clean my memory card with all the pics I had! I think it held 500 and it was full... yep full! When you have 2 beautiful princesses like mine it is hard not to take so many pictures!

Today is picture day at Sassy Princess school. Every year she gets more of an opinion on what to wear. This year I don't know how to pick out clothes and I don't know what I am doing. What? I should be the master, since I have nothing but horrible school pics. I have learned from past mistakes and am making sure dear, sassy girl doesn't make the same! I just hope she listened to the NO RUNNING at recess if her picture time is after! I don't put her hair up fancy, I just leave it down and add a barrett. Good thing shoes aren't shown... then another fight would ensue! So, we will see in a couple of weeks if her hair held out! Next year I use hairspray!

Princess In Training is so loving her little swing, as is mommy! Her morning nap is so much longer with it! Still no smile for mommy though! I swear we are on the cusp of one happening. If she smiles for you I will disown your friendship, because darn it I deserve it more!

Okay I need someone to take me by the arm kicking and screaming and force me to head to the library. Everyday I wake up saying... I am going to the library today! What is keeping me, unconsciously is the fact I am the most horrible returner. I have a library book that I never returned when Sassy was a toddler. I will not go back to that city library because I know I will have some obscene fee... I am not one to confront something that doesn't need to be confronted. I swear it wasn't a book that people are lining up to read. The thing was covered in dust when I found it on the back shelf!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The past week

Since I decided to tell my original love story I have not written about the princesses all week long!

Sassy is really turning into an awesome soccer player! She is agressive and play at 100%, which to me is just trying your best! She scored her first goal at her last game as well and they won the game 4-0. She loves to play and am happy to see her really dedicated to something. We will be looking into club soccer this year! Sassy is still loving being the big sister. I have had to teach her that babies do make sounds, and that doesn't mean they want to be picked up. She is my second mommy telling me that Princess In Training needs to eat, when in fact she just finished. Oh, these are stories I will remember when she has kids. She did tell us that if her kids don't listen they will be sent to thier room. Eric and I thought that was a GREAT idea, and decided to use that more often! Of course she backtracked and decided to change her answer!

"P-I-T"s colic is actually subsiding. She still has her moments, but I am not pulling my hair out as much. This is a good thing, because I was starting to go bald. We got a swing from a friend and this has been our lifesaver! She loves to be rocked. She is not afraid to tell us when she wants out though! I have also been using music to soothe her as well. I bought and Elmo CD on itunes and she LOVES it! Of course I go over board and went to Target and bought and Elmo doll. Of course I have jumped the gun since she does not have the ability to associate Elmo's voice with the doll. She is now more alert without all the crying and her personality is starting to peak it's way through! She has moments of being a happy baby and is on the verge of smiling for me. She has smiled, but for some reason there has been no smiling for the one person who does all for this baby! I am banning all people she smiles at until she smiles for me. In a couple weeks she goes in for the dreaded 2 month check up. I say dreaded, since she will be getting her first set of immunizations. No parent likes to see their baby cry!

I can officially work out and have I? That is a big N-O. It isn't that I don't want to, but I have no motivation to get out and do it. I did get a Turbo Jam DVD, but I just found out that our DVD player is broken. What's amazing the one in my room (same cheap DVD player as the one downstairs) works and is usually on all night long (another story for another day as to why this is). How is it the DVD we rarely use is already broken? I would workout in my room, but with a crib sharing our space, I have minimal workout space. The gym is a no go at the moment, because I refuse to take my newborn to that germy place. At least until she is older. At least now I can supervise germy people coming near her. Hopefully I will get there soon.

Oh and I am again searching for the cleaning fairy! There needs to be a post partum nesting phase! Why does it have to discriminate to only the pregnant women. If you are pregnant and want to nest this way I am not opposed!

Hope you are all having a Terrific Thursday!

Boy Meets Girl: Part Four

This is my last installment. I thought it would take a while but I am condensing this one.

May 18, 1997

After our late night at the beach I still had to be up early the next day. The coach had invited me to a family party. I was finally meeting his family, not just his parents, but his WHOLE family! Go big or go home! It was a great party, except I was getting the cold shoulder from his cousin and aunt. I had no idea why, because they didn't know me. Years later... after they got to know me and of course love me, I found out why.

This coach had actually had a girlfriend when we met. Don't worry he broke up with her the night I got his number. Well his family thought I was her. She did not make a good first impression with his family that she had met. She was clingy and wouldn't leave his side ever. Luckily we are all close now!

The night after the party was when we became official. It is always awkward when someone asks you to become someones girlfriend. There just isn't a smooth way to do it... or from what I experienced. Hell I was used to be asked through writing.

I must have been worth waiting for, because I was some sort of a prude and did not kiss him for the first month. I had issues from the past and made sure he was staying around! He did!

We had our ups and downs. I recently found out why he knew I was the one. There was a point in our relationship where we broke up for 2 weeks. During this time he was not only hanging out with me, but searching his feeling for an ex-girlfriend. One night I went out with a friend and some guy asked for our numbers. My friend gave him a fake one and I gave him my real number. I of course told him, not because I liked this guy, but to make him jealous. I wanted him to know that other guys out there were looking my way. This didn't sit well with the coach, because we got back together soon after and the ex-girlfriend was sent packing! He told me that once he figured there were other guys out there that he did not want me with anyone else!

So, now 11 years later we are going strong! This jock of a coach turned into husband and father material! I cherish my story, because this guy is and always be my first love. Not many people can say that. People have had their doubts about us and our marriage, but we are still proving them wrong every year! Some people even look at me with pity because I have not experienced more of the opposite sex. I just look at them with the same pity, because they have yet to experience the type of relationship that I have had since the ripe old age of 17.

Thanks for reading my story!

I would love to have written more details, but Princess In Training has proven to me that she does not like giving mommy much free time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boy Meets Girl: Part Three!

May 17,1997: Prom Night

I am fast forwarding a couple of weeks to May 17, 1997, Prom Night. The coach and I had been talking on the phone and hanging out. It was the honeymoon phase of 2 hours of phone time. What does one talk about for 2 hours? I still do not know. We were not exclusive just yet, but it was on the brink of getting serious... okay serious for a 17 year old. One event hung in the balance.... Prom.

I was a junior at this time and my high school only did senior prom. My good friends were going, so of course I scoured high and low to find a guy to go with me. I succeeded and off to prom I was going. I had no feelings for this guy at all and I was just using him to go to prom. No lecture please... I know how horrible that sounds now.

The first stop of the night was Brandi's boyfriend's house. We did the traditional picture taking that all parents do. We all chipped in for a limo. Back then there were no such things as hummer limos, so we had the ordinary sedan one.

We headed for dinner at Charlie Browns. I guess all I did was think about the coach, because I talked about him incessantly. My friends took me into the bathroom to tell me to tone it down. My date, I guess was not enjoying it. Maybe he thought he was getting lucky on prom night... HA HA NO!

By the time we got to Hollywood Park, where the prom was taking place, my feet hurt and I was honestly over the night. We went and took pictures like your supposed to. This was a disaster...My date was a shrimp. I am 5' 10" and he barely came up to my chest. I told you I was desperate to go. Taking off my shoes didn't help. I left them off in the picture and I found out later that our pictures showed the full body... bare feet and all! If you can imagine it... you have me with no shoes and this very short guy.

My date was fed up at this point and decided to ditch me. In most stories this may have scarred me for life, but I wasn't digging him either.

A little while later we were all over prom and headed over to Brandi's. We decided I should call the coach and see if he wanted to hang out. We had the limo for a couple more hours and did not want it to go to waste. I called his house and what I thought was his dad picked up the phone, so I hung up. I did not want his first impression of me being a phone call that late at night. A few minutes later Brandi's phone rings and her boyfriend answers. No one on either side wanted to give information, so her boyfriend starts getting angry to the person on the line. The person on the phone said something about seeing him at practice when it donned on the boyfriend that it was the coach who *69'd us.

We then picked him up and headed to the beach. We walked hand and hand talking and taking in that beautiful May night. It was a very romantic night where we knew deep inside that this would be the start of a beautiful relationship! The night did end on a great note for me! It may have started with the wrong guy, but ended with the one I was meant to be with!

*** As I look back at this story I honestly feel bad for my prom date. Prom is supposed to be one of the most memorable milestones of ones high school career. I helped him have the worst night of his life. I ruined what was supposed to be the greatest night of ones life! If you are out there I am truly, deeply sorry!***

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boy Meets Girl: Part Two!

I truly thought my chances with the coach were gone! I mean way gone! I spent that first night in the bathroom vomiting... what a catch! Like I mentioned before I was going to the baseball games for a guy who was on his team. At this moment I thought, 'At least I can try for him.' So, the next Wednesday I went to the game anyway. I still thought about the coach and I did what any immature, high school girl would do... write a note. Communicating my feelings through speaking was so unheard of at this stage of my life!

More background:
The coach you can imagine being some sort of a jock. He was a baseball fanatic and played in high school (found this out later). Now picture me. I was going through a phase of wearing baggy pants and vintage tops. One shirt I owned had a 50's style waitress on the front with the name Fannies. On the back it said 'Eat at Fannies'. I even had a bowling shirt. Yes that was the kind of things I wore. We were both the most opposite we could be. I hadn't worn a dress since my dad's wedding to my step mom (January 96) and during the summer of 96 I had PINK hair.

I had the note in the pocket of my baggy jeans, wearing a vintage shirt that had a picture of a kangaroo on it. I thought I looked damn good too! Before the game started I gave him the note. My cheeks were so red from embarrassment.

After the game we decided to go to a Dairy Queen nearby. I can't remember all of the conversation that ensued, but I do know that he asked for my number, or so I thought he was going to. This is the actual conversation:

C: 'Can I get....'
A: Yes

I totally jumped the gun on that one. He still makes fun of me for it to this day! Hey I was inexperienced when it came to boys actually hitting on me.

Even after my stint in the bathroom and assuming he wanted my number this guy was sticking around! My bad luck was finally over, but not my quirkiness!

To be continued...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Boy Meets Girl: Part One!

This week my blog will be a compilation if a turning point in my life. Well it may take more than a week. This started at the ripe old age of 17. Here is the first installment.

April 1997: Boy Meets Girl

I remember the day so well. It was lunch time my junior year of high school. I was with my friends Tena (yes the punky monkey) and Brandi. There may have been others, but I have the worst memory when it comes to people! A fight had ensued and everyone of course was running to it. We were of course making fun of them all, because we all knew that the fight would be over by the time everyone got there. During this time Brandi was telling me that one of her boyfriends baseball coaches wanted to meet me. He had seen me at one of the baseball games the previous week. The first thought that went through my head was, "I am only 17, what would some pervert coach want with me?" I mean coaches had wives and kids, that is why they coached. So, I went to the next game. It was a Saturday and I had spent the day shopping for a prom dress (yes I was going with another guy... more on that later). When they pointed this guy out I was in shock that this young guy was a coach. (He was 19) Oh and did I mention he was H-O-T hot!

***Background: Before that night I had had a total of 3 very short lived boyfriends that had had any significance in my life. My self esteem at this point hit rock bottom, so this guy wanting to meet me was not something I really believed! I was also going to these games to get another boy to notice me! ***

After the game this guy came walking up. He was wearing warm up pants, a Boston Red Sox shirt and baseball cap. The baseball cap was tilted sideways. He thought he was so cool, well I did too! I could smell Tommy cologne. We were introduced and made plans to meet up later after everyone cleaned up.

He had his own car. A Ford Escort and when he drove away he had the song 'Notorious Thugs'. To this day I associate the song with Tommy cologne! Of course he probably thought he was so cool as he drove off.

We all met up later at my friends boyfriend's house. When this guy walked in my jaw dropped! I mean the man was gorgeous. In my head I thought 'What does he want with me?' (again no confidence).

A friend on the team was having a little get together. We weren't there very long. I do remember Brandi freaking out because she did not like driving up hills. It was a milestone for her. After we left I ended up riding with this guy and his friends. In the car he asked me if my friend Brenna had a boyfriend. At this point I figured he was over me and now wanted my friend. I of course lied saying I did not know. I was selfish and wanted this boy to myself. Later on I did find out that his friend wanted to know... oops silly me.

We ended up going to the movies in Norwalk. We saw Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. Not really a first group date movie to see. We barely talked, even up to this point, because for one I was really nervous!

After the movie we headed to Taco Bell. "What city are we in?" I think Tena might remember this. We couldn't tell what city we were actually in, because we were on the cusp of 2 different cities. I look to the street sign and see City of Norwalk underneath the street. I thought I was so smart until I look up and across the street there is a huge sign that says Norwalk Square... yeah not one of our proudest moments, but to this day this guy and I still joke about it!

We went to Brandi's house after and hung out. It was very late at this point. Well I was so nervous that I made myself sick (if you know what I mean). I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom and never got to say good-bye. At this point I had no phone number and figured that this was the end of that!

To Be Continued...

Friday, September 19, 2008

A 'Doy' Moment!

PHOEBE: Doy! Probably right before she lost it!
CHANDLER: You don't get a lot of 'doy' these days...

Sorry just couldn't write about my 'doy' moment without the 'Friends' quote!

You all know that Princess In Training is a colicky baby (what another friggin post about this again?). Well today I had a 'doy' moment that has made my life just a bit easier during these times of pressure, where you want to pull out your hair, put in ear plugs, and open up that nice big bottle of wine!

We have a bassinet that we use downstairs, because going up and down stairs with a newborn just isn't feasible. I was looking where the wheels were and remembered if you click the wheel to make them go up the bassinet will rock. Princess In Training's quietest times are when you walk her around. I can only hold my 8-9 pound baby for so long, before my back is screaming in pain. So, I put 2 and 2 together ('doy'), lost the wheels, put Princess In Training in the bassinet, rocked the bassinet, and like magic she was quiet as can be! How can one minor detail help me become a 2 armed mom again? 'DOY'

So, now I just have to hire someone willing to be my on call rocker and paci putter inner (excuse the made up phrase, but that is all the mush brain could think of!) Maybe I can bribe Sassy into being my rocker.

Hope you all are having a Fantastic Friday! I am looking forward to this weekend, because Sassy and I are having a couple mommy-daughter days! It has been a long time coming!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday 13: Why I love being a mommy to my Princess In Training!

This morning I woke up not feeling good, so this Thursday 13 is going to be 13 things I love about my new baby girl! I did this when she was born, but after 6 weeks there are new ones. I replied to a post on one of my groups on cafemom and wrote 10 things, so I will just have to add 3 more.

1. When the bottle nipple touches her lip her mouth opens and she shakes her head side to side until the bottle nipple finally gets all the way in!
2. Her smile! It is the best thing to see every time!
3. Her frown... It is just too cute!
4. How she loves the plaid print on her bassinet... she will coo to it! We call it her plaid friend!
5. All the noises she makes, especially the grunts she makes when I PICK her up... because it is such hard work for her!
6. Her perfect round head that fits in my hands still!
7. That when I talk she will turn her head to find me!
8. That I can soothe her faster than daddy! Before I know it this one will prefer him too!
9. How everyday she changes and I get to experience them all! The joys of being a SAHM!
10. (this was said by a friend and so true to all) How she loves me unconditionally and that when I hold her and she stops crying I know that I make her feel safe!
11. She tests my patience in a whole new way and I am winning!
12. That I am entrusted by God to be her mom and teach her what she needs to know in life!
13. And my most fave thing is that she is already bonded to her big sister! She knows her voice and loves when her big sis reads her stories! I can see Princess In Training just looking up to her big sister when she is 8 and Sassy is 16 (so scary to think, but also can't wait)!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better Late Than Never!

Today was a long day, such a long day that I didn't get a chance to go on the computer! To this mommy that means it has been a rough day, because I can always sneak some internet time in here and there throughout the day. Princess In Training has been colicky so this blog comes at 10:31 pm. Excuse the shortness and the dryness, but this mommy needs some sleep!

So, I took the advice of a friend (thanks Tena) and have been jotting down a ton of ideas for future blogs, so watch out for some fun (at least I hope they are) reads in the near future! I am my own worse critic, so they may take awhile after I write and then rewrite them some more!

Hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So Confused!

My sweet little Princess In Training is the best baby ever and I am blessed to be her mommy, however I am at my wits end! I feel like I just made the most unhappy, colicky baby ever! Yes, I did get one smile, but now when I see the smile on the brink of being exposed it turns into a blood curdling scream! She is rarely content and this has turned me into the one armed mom as well! I know this was going to happen, but I don't remember it being daily with Sassy! It has been 8 years, so maybe I am wrong. By the time Eric comes home from work I have been on my feet all day trying to get the princess content enough to get things done! She does nap. That is why I have the chance to blog. But these naps last for an hour at a time.

Now here is why I am confused. This morning she did the same thing... screaming, eating, screaming, paci, more screaming. I was getting frustrated and dear hubby told me to lay her down in the bassinet so she can talk to her friend the plaid. Now I do try this but I could you not she is usually crying withing the first minute. Well my little one is now fast asleep in her bassinet and not in my arms for once. I didn't rock her, coax her, there was no bottle, or paci in order to do this, just plain old getting oneself to sleep on her own. It is moments like this that get me all excited and then she takes that away and we start all over yet again! I am thinking of trying a new formula, because this mommy is exhausted and wants to enjoy both my daughters!

As I say that it is now time to move on to Sassy Princess! When "P-I-T" was born Sassy made the transition very well! It will be 6 weeks on Friday and the honeymoon is O-V-E-R! Now before "P-I-T" entered our world I have been trying to get Sassy more self sufficient because 1. there was going to be a baby and 2. she is 8 and I feel what I am asking of her is what an 8 yo should be able to do.

She should be able to:
Take a shower with no help
Pick up after herself with no help (yes she was spoiled, but we thought she would be our only)
After story time, and a hug and kiss be able to go to bed on her own.
Put her clothes away (I do fold them)

I always tell her that she is to do these because she is 8. She is starting to say things like "if "P-I-T" weren't here you would help me." Maybe I would, but I feel that making her do these things will help her be that much more independent. I think I am behind and should have done this a long time ago, but I thought... "Well she is my only child, so why not?" "P-I-T" came into our lives and I finally realized I was doing more harm than good and see this on a nightly basis. These struggles are there when Eric is home, but of course not as explosive. Our relationship has been a little strained and I hope with some talking and one on one time things will get better!

I always stay positive and know for every bad day there are twice as many good days!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What a Weekend!

PHOEBE: Doy! Probably right before she lost it!
CHANDLER: You don't get a lot of 'doy' these days...

Remember the word "Doy" and how it was just so overused at some point? I am guilty of that as well!

As I was watching Friends last night and heard this dialogue I just thought back to all the witty , or what we thought were witty, little catchphrases we used growing up...

There was:
Talk to the Hand
My Bad

I know there are so many more, so please enlighten me!

I listen to Sassy and her generation has them as well like the famous "Oh Snap" that I first heard on "That's so Raven." Sassy also does the "whatever major loser" that she got from "Camp Rock"... don't worry she doesn't do it at anyone. Don't want you to think that I am that kind of mom!

What witty catchphrases can you remember using?

Saturday was a great day! Sassy had her first soccer game of the season! Her skill level has just soared and I really can see how serious she takes the sport. We are a family of soccer players and makes her daddy and me so proud! We had been working on her aggressiveness, because last season Sassy would complain about the other team pushing. We of course told her to do the same, as long as it was in order to get the ball. Saturday she would get in there and fight for the ball instead of just running around it. The coach kept her in the whole game and she did not complain... well she did once when her coach moved her to mid fielder the last quarter and she wanted to stay forward. I noticed at one point during the game that as she was running with the ball that she was chanting something. I tried my best to listen, but with all the screaming parents I couldn't. After the game I asked her about it. She told me that she was telling the other team, "Don't mess with me". I just started laughing, because that is something I would have done when playing in high school. They lost 2-3, but I do have to say that we could have had 5 other goals scored, but her team likes to try and get the ball in a perfect spot and then kick the goal. Of course by that time the other team notices and the moment has passed. Soccer has gotten more competitive, but I am still thankful that both teams are great sports and not sore winners or losers! I have a feeling this is going to be a great season!

That day also marked a milestone that made this mommy so happy! Princess In Training has smiled! There is nothing like seeing that toothless, nothing but gums smile for the first time! Of course I keep trying to get her to smile again, but like they say "a watched child never smiles". She is cooing and looks like she is ready to become the chatty Cathy that her sister is! She loves trying to talk to her new friend... the plaid print of her bassinet. The minute I lay her in there she stops fussing and just lays there wanting to have the undivided attention of her inanimate friend. Don't worry Princess In Training the plaid just loves you and no one else!

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

You scratch my back I will scratch yours!

My dear dear friend Tena over at Punky Monkeys has nominated me for a Dottie award over at MomDot! I am truly honored, since yes I was and always will be a Teacher's Pet!

So, of course I am now pushing for votes! My campaign theme? "If you scratch my back I will scratch yours!"

If you want comment love everyday I will do it!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The day we all came together!

September 11, 2001 marks a day of tragedy that pulled a nation together! Every year on this day I look back and remember what I was doing that day.

That day I woke up to get ready for school. I was going to the local city college and had my environmental biology class and philosophy. Sassy had turned a year old a month earlier as well. I walked into the the living room where my husband and mother in law were watching the news. The first plane had just hit. I didn't know what to think and honestly wasn't scared or angry or anything at that point! I was very naive about the whole thing. I went to my biology class where we talked a little about it. No one knew that any of the buildings had collapsed. I got to my philosophy class a little late where our instructor had the TV on and the whole class just looked shell shocked. When I sat down I saw that both buildings had collapsed and the replay of people jumping out of these monstrous buildings to make the end come that much faster! I was just shocked that anything like this could ever happen! This is when I learned about terrorism and how someone could have that much hatred to kill so many innocent people! People lost friends, wives, husbands, children, mothers, husbands, family members!

In honor of this day my family and I attend our local Patriot Day concert! It is a big deal and always crowded, which still shows how patriotic our country still is! One day I plan on going to New York and going to the site of the Twin Towers!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Ants Go Marching

I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday, but with the week I have had I had a lot more to say... as you can see!

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching one by one,The little one stops to suck his thumb And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching two by two,The little one stops to tie his shoe And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching three by three, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching three by three, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching three by three,The little one stops to climb a tree And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching four by four,The little one stops to shut the door And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching five by five, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching five by five, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching five by five,The little one stops to take a dive And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching six by six, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching six by six, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching six by six,The little one stops to pick up sticks And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching seven by seven,The little one stops to pray to heaven And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching eight by eight, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching eight by eight, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching eight by eight,The little one stops to shut the gate And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching nine by nine, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching nine by nine, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching nine by nine,The little one stops to check the time And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching ten by ten, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching ten by ten, hurrah, hurrah The ants go marching ten by ten,The little one stops to say "THE END"And they all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

I wish I could say I still love this song as an adult, but as I grow older I have learned to despise all things ants! These pesky, minuscule critters have decided to rampage our tiny apartment. What did I ever do to them... okay maybe I have stepped on a few, well make that a few hundred and throw some ant spray in. Maybe we deserve it after all. Wait a minute what about that time these ants decided to take residence on a bench that I just so happened to sit on while at the zoo as a kid? Yep ants crawling all over me... see why I can't stand them now?

So for the past week we have been on ant patrol! Nothing is safe at all. First it was our bathroom shower, which puzzled me. I thought they would want to stay alive than go to the one place that I could easily drown their tiny metasoma's (word for rear... looked it up). Next on their list? Our pantry... AHH they made it downstairs... no bueno! At midnight Eric wanted a little snack and went to the pantry to get out some cookies ( he is my night owl). Well he takes the cookies into the kitchen, looks down and (getting that itchy feeling now) has ants all over his hand (((shudders))). He spent the next hour tossing, spraying, spraying and tossing. Let's just say I have never seen our pantry that clean and organized! I guess it is a blessing in disguise? Okay not going that far! These ants now took a chunk out of our bank account to replace all that food!

Pest control came out and sprayed the complex, so I thought Woo Hoo ants are gone! Umm No... DAMN! Last night they ventured to the top of the refrigerator and took out all our cereal! Don't these dang bugs know that cereal is not cheap? Oh and don't let me forget that they also overtook our toaster... If this were a game of Risk I would definitely be getting my but whooped on. So we are now out of cereal and a toaster (Eric doused it with ant spray). Do ants think money grows on trees.

The hubby and I are now trying to outsmart them (((evil maniacal laugh inserted here)))! We went and bought those air tight containers that help keep food fresher longer. We are hoping that the ants will no longer have anywhere to go! Only time will tell!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rough Roads!

WARNING: Men may not want to read :0)
So far recovery has been excellent after having Miss Princess In Training. With that said, ending the breastfeeding has not. With Sassy I never started so drying up was a breeze. This time around my breasts became rock hard and I had to succumb to taking my prescription ibuprofen (I dislike taking medication) and ice them. Frozen corn became my best friend! Throw in millions of breast pads and the endless days of wearing a bra. I love to let the girls go free every chance I get! Well the other day while showering I noticed a lump in my breast. Right away worst case scenario comes to mind and I think OMG breast cancer. With that thought in mind I decide at that moment that I will not do chemo and I will have them just take the breast. Hey I can have reconstructive surgery and have the best looking breasts ever, throw in a tummy tuck and I am all set! I talk to my mom and she informs me that it could be a clogged milk duct. I tell my mom that is what I thought it was, which was a lie. I breath a sigh of relief inside and go to the internet for ways to get rid of it. Of course all the remedies have to do with breastfeeding, which I no longer am. So, I just heat the area with a warm compress. A couple days later it is sore to the touch of ANYTHING. I look in the mirror and *gasp* the area is now red with the lump being a little firmer. I call my doctor and went in today, because I want the pain to go away! It turns out I have a breast infection. I never new that existed and am now on antibiotics! Hopefully in a few days the pain will be GONE!

In a week and a half I can officially work out again! I am really looking forward to it, because I have a triathlon to get ready for! I will definitely be taking it easy, because this mommy is way out of shape! I am also looking into parent and me yoga! I would love to try it! Plus I can take the baby with me... double score!

Hope you are all having a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Growing up is hard on Me!

Princess In Training is officially one month old today! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone! If only my pregnancy had gone that fast! In one month "P-I-T"'s personality has gone from very laid back to my challenging colicky baby. Sleep is the furthest from her mind. I was telling my hubby... Children will fight sleep and as adults we say BRING IT ON!! Princess In Training is growing so fast and I swear she is smiling more each day... or it could be gas.

On top of "P-I-T" being colicky Sassy was sick with a fever all day yesterday. I knew this would be coming with getting back to school. She is home today, so I know she doesn't push too hard and make herself worse than she was. I just hope no one else gets the bug as well.

Oh and on top of that my 8 year old as officially hit puberty... you don't need to clean out your ears because you have heard right! We were at her school ice cream social and noticed a funky body odor smell while she was on my lap. Of course I thought it was me, so I do the inconspicuous pit check. I sigh with relief knowing I have that nice flowery smell. At that moment Sassy raises her arm, so I sneak in there to take a whiff and WHOA! So, this weekend I taught Sassy that she needs to make sure to scrub her underarms and put deodorant on everyday! Of course during this milestone I am screaming inside knowing that she won't be my little girl that much longer! Is it abuse if I lock her in her room and throw away the key till she is 18, or maybe 50?

So, right now I have 2, yes 2 sleeping children!! On top of blogging I will be using this time to eat, because lately I rarely find that time! I never understood how people could forget to eat, but I do now! Sleep takes priority as well.

Hope you are all having a Marvelous Monday!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Bittersweet Day!

I usually celebrate today with nothing but extreme happiness, except for this year. Today is my grandfather's birthday, sadly he is no longer on earth to celebrate it with us! My grandfather passed away on January 21, 2008 from cancer. I saw the whole process of his body deteriorate and this was the hardest thing I had ever had to go through. Also, throw in a pregnancy as well and you would have seen one big mess! This death was a milestone, not one I ever wanted, but one at that. My grandfather's death was the first death I had ever had to go through with someone who I was close with! I have had family members die, but none who I knew well. What hurt the most was that I was adding to the family and he was never going to meet his brand new great-granddaughter. I was very strong through the death for Sassy's sake, and used this time to console her the best I could! Sassy was so sweet that she even cried on behalf of her sister, because she would only know him through the stories we tell Princess In Training and through the pictures we show! To celebrate today Sassy, "P-I-T", and I bought flowers and took them to his grave. I had Sassy hold her sister while they were near his grave and I took what I think are the most cherished pictures I could ever have! It was such a beautiful site that I had a hard time holding in my emotions. I miss him everyday and wish nothing more that he is in heaven having the time of his life from beyond looking down on us and smiling that great big smile I cherished.


You know what else... I rock, or at least Jennifer from The Dirty Shirt thinks so! I love her blog and I am so happy to see that she loves mine as well! Jennifer YOU ROCK and thanks so much!

I have 2 people that I think rock, and have wanted to bestow them with a blog award, but they seem to already have the ones I get... so this one is for you two:

Tena at Punky Monkeys: We go way back and hers was the first blog I ever encountered. I have known Tena since high school and am happy that she is still in my life as one of the greatest friends I could ask for! She was also the one who inspired me to start blogging! I find her blog so entertaining and love going to it every day! So Tena... I think YOU ROCK!

Jaime at Just Add Laughter: She has given me my first 2 awards! I met Jaime through Tena and am anxiously waiting for the chance to meet her and her girls! I go to her blog on a daily basis as well, and absolutely love it! So Jaime.... I think YOU ROCK!

So stop by their blogs and show them some love!

You all Rock in my book! Have a Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So much to do in so little time!

I so wanted to post a Wordless Wednesday of Sassy on her first day, but I cannot find my USB cord that goes with my camera! I am so frustrated, because I seem to be loosing so many things these days!

The first day of school went great! Eric had to work a day shift, which I always love, but what timing he has! I planned the night before so I was pretty much ready to bolt out the door when all was ready. When we got to school we stopped by to see my mom like always (she is the secretary at the school). I always make it a point to do this because it always cheers her up and takes away the stress for at least a minute. When we got to Sassy's line she is shy for a split second, sees her friends and off she runs. These friends she has are all boys! UGH... why oh why does she have to start so young!! (((crying inside))) So, every year I get less and less of a good-bye from Sassy when the teacher leads them to class. Last year I got a very quick, unemotional good-bye. This year I got a small wave, no words. Oh say it isn't so!!! I know I should be proud that she is very independent, but I wish she needed me just a little bit on these important milestones!! When school ended and she came to me I asked her about her day. She absolutely loves her teacher! I knew she would, I mean this teacher collects princess tiaras and lets the students wear them... HELLO so Princess Sassy!

Today with Princess In Training was a trying day for my first day with her while Sassy is at school. I had to wake her up twice from her being in a deep sleep in order to take her big sister to school and to pick her up. This threw her off all day and never took a really great nap. About 45 minutes ago I had a screaming baby (very rare on her part) who would not SLEEP! Poor Sassy had to get ready for bed on her own, a routine I treasure doing with her! I have to admit I was starting to feel overwhelmed for the first time since giving birth. This kicked in all my irrational fears, thoughts going through my head that are way out to another realm! (Now you know for sure Sassy gets it from me). I was on the brink of a melt down and call all the help I could, but I am proud to say I got through it with my sanity in tact. This may be the first time, but I know definitely not the last!

I really hope I can find my cord for my camera, because I have so many pictures of "P-I-T" and Sassy, including "P-I-T"'s first bath with Sassy taking all the pictures!

Luckily Eric will be taking Sassy to school so we can get back on track with our little Princess In Training!

Hope you have had a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Award!

My good friend Jaime at Just Add Laughter gave me my second award! I got the BFF award and feel so honored! I appreciate it so much! So, Thanks Jaime!!
I have found some blogs that I love and go to everyday so this award is for them!
1. Jennifer at the Dirty Shirt... I met her through MBC or Mom Bloggers Club and love to go to her blog daily!
2. Michelle at The Charles Family... I met her at the site Cafemom and we have babies who were both born in August. She is a fellow pimpette and we survived our pregnancies together!
Thanks again Jaime!!

Irrational Fears

Season 10 Episode: TOW the Home Study

Ross: Well, I was thinking of taking Emma to the playground!
Rachel: Oh my God, what!?
Ross: Like I said I was thinking of taking Emma to the museum of knives and fire!
Rachel: Ok, look, Ross. I do not want Emma going to the playground.
Ross: Be-caaauuuse...
Rachel: (upset) All right, well, if you must know... I had a traumatic... swing incident... when I was little.
Ross: Seriously?
Rachel: Yes, I was 4 years old and I was on the swing and then all of a sudden my hair got tangled in the chain. And to get me out my mom had to-had to cut a big chunk of my hair! (crying) And it was uneven for weeks!

As a parent do you ever wonder if you pass on your irrational fears to your children? I know I have unconsciously for the most part. Sassy is my worrier and throughout the day this is what I get asked?

Sassy: This touched the table will I get sick if I eat it?
Me: No it is fine.
S: What was that noise?
M: Nothing... just the people next door.
S: Is my drink still good?
M: Yes
S: Can my heart just stop beating?
M: No it can't.

These are questions that I hear constantly and they can be draining trying to calm down an 8 year old. She is a human sponge and will pick up on everything around her. I am a worrier, but more of a quiet one (or so I thought). I am starting to see how my constant worrying has turned my little one into one as well. I have a theory as to why she is like this... She has been an only child for 8 years and mainly around adults everyday. Yes, she plays with other kids just fine, but when she is at home she is around me and her father.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and Sassy will enter the 3rd grade. I have made a list of things I will do better this time around.
1. Write all due dates on the calender
2. When money and slips are due turn them in ASAP so I don't forget
3. Do be intimidated to go talk to the teacher... For some reason I always am and get flustered when I need to have a conversation with them.
4. Keep all notices on homework, reading club, projects, etc. where we can all see!

I am one of the most forgetful people out there when it comes to the day to day. I admit that I am the mom who forgets to have her child turn in slips, home reading club, money when they are due. I am determined this year to make a change, because I am done with being the flaky mom.

I am so excited for the new school year, because I know the teacher she is having and she is great. She will be in a Gate cluster class, which I hope helps keeps her motivated to achieve higher. Last year was a rough year, so I am hoping that this year is a lot different!

Here is to an awesome new school year!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rough Waters!

Last night was the roughest night since Princess In Training was born. She was up at 1 am screaming the night away... a scream that I had never heard before. This was the first time I was actually frustrated, because I could not calm my little girl down at all. Finally after the battle of trying to feed her, change her, and rock her to sleep, she finally fell asleep. But hey lets not stop there and throw in the worse back pain. It could have been yet another kidney stone (thanks to the pregnancy). Yet this mommy could not sleep at all. At 8 am I woke poor hubby and gave "P-I-T" to him so I could get some kind of sleep. My loving hubby let me sleep and sleep and sleep the day away, which I don't like, but heck I sure did need the sleep!

I may be embarking on something so out of the ordinary that I am shocking myself as well. The other night Eric was online and came across a triathlon that will be taking place in our little city of Los Alamitos. Eric is game to do it and you know what? So am I. I have 3 more weeks till I can start working out again and I will begin training. This is something I have never done and would be such an accomplishment if I went through it. The triathlon is a 3 mile run, 12 mile bike ride, and a 400 yard swim. This will take place in February. Hopefully for once I will follow through with something. I will keep you all posted!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day!