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Season 1 Episode 16 TOW Two Parts, Part

ROSS: I don't know whether he's testing me, or just acting out, but my monkey is out of control. But, he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, supposedly by accident.

RACHEL: Oh, yeah, I've done that.

ROSS: And then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before I did and pee-ed all over the crossword.

RACHEL: I've never done that.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Say It Isn't So!!!

Last night I came upon a sad realization... I am no longer able to fit in with early 20's crowd. Yes I am still in my 20's and maybe it is because I am wise beyond my years (oh so I would like to think) with a 8 year marriage and 2 children. So, last night I went to dinner for my cousin Candice's 21st birthday. We were amongst family and some of her friends. As I was sitting in the middle of two groups... The early 20's crowd and the wise mother's group... I would listen to both conversations from both sides. In the midst of listening and somewhat interjecting with the early 20's group I would have to stop and reprimand Sassy and tend to Princess In Training. I all of a sudden got this feeling that I was too old to even sit near them... This epiphany really hurt! I may age gracefully, but being too old to hang with the youngin's makes me want to find that fountain of youth. I know I need to suck it up and just deal with it, but my mom rubbed off on me and I do not want to grow old! I want to be forever young... and I will darn you!

I am one happy mommy today! Want to know why? I have my lap top back! When I laid it on my lap it still fits like a glove! No more fighting for Eric's in between his trading research and reading sports articles. Why have I been without? Because someone or something broke my power cord. So, the highlight of my day was when my mom left my house and said, "You have a package from Dell?" WOO HOO!! I ripped open that box so fast that I now have a paper cut in the works to heal. I have already transfered my bookmarks and am saving so much more. Plus I can download whatever I want, because this is MY computer!! My computer is also faster, because Mr. Eric's sites for trading, and charts, etc. make his computer SSSLLLOOOWWW! So, I am sitting with one sleeping child and the other 2 children... I mean one child and one hubby at Disneyland... blogging for the day!

The labor day weekend is upon us and summer is as we know is O-V-E-R! I am excited for school to start, but my favorite season is ending! I am not looking forward to fall and winter! Especially the flu season! As I have said before I have the biggest phobia of all things Flu! Luckily Sassy has the immune system of steel like her father. I see dry, cracking hands in my future, since yes I will be washing my hands every chance I get during this time! Okay not all things during these seasons are bad... I mean my favorite shows are coming back, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, snow in the mountains, more trips to Disneyland.

Speaking of shows coming back... who here will be tuning into watching the new 90210? I admit it I already have it set to record. I grew up watching this show... as I look back I probably shouldn't have at the tender age of 11, because when Sassy is 11 I sure as hell won't let her watch it then. I even had all the barbie dolls. My fave of course was Brandon... I just love the smart ones! Fave girl? Of course Valerie... I know not an original, but she was all things I knew I never would be... dangerous, confident, bad ass! Another show coming back that I have to admit I watch? OTH, aka One Tree Hill! I thought I would be waiting for October, but the CW network must love me (okay I know I am not that important in the world of television) for coming back in the beginning of September!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My mind is a wandering!

As I lay to go to sleep my mind wanders through a world of thoughts... Know what these thoughts are... Topics for this blog. They sound great in my head and I get really excited for my chance to blog the next day. Well the next day comes and where are my great ideas... *poof* gone, MIA. It is like a great dream you have that you use all the fibers of your being to remember every single detail! I keep telling myself that I need to sleep with a notebook right under my pillow, so I can write these great ideas down!

So can someone tell me where my easy baby went. I knew as soon as I told the world how lucky I was to have a baby that just went to sleep and never fussed that I would be eating my words. Poor Princess In Training has been having belly issues. We are now playing the elimination game of what formulas will work better. This is new territory for us, because we could give Sassy anything and she never had problems. Heck this child never spit up. After 3 nights of cuddling a colicky baby this mommy just wants to wave a wand and fix her baby! Next on our list is trying soy. If you have any advice I am all ears!

My wonderful mother went back to school this semester. She realized during her recuperation of her knee surgery that she wants do something more with her life. So, she has started by taking a online class on typography. My mom is one of the most creative person I know... she can paint, draw, sew, do woodwork, do embroidery, etc. So, typography is next on her list I guess. Well I got a call last night asking me to come over and help her figuring out the site her class is using. (Eric is the go to on all things computer and I am the go to on all things school) I show her what she needs to do and she then jokingly (well half joking) asks if I will write her papers. You want to know something... I would so do it too! I love school and writing papers I loved to do, especially if it were a 2 page paper.... piece of cake! I am so proud of my mom! She is amazing and it is so cute to see her get so excited over going to school!

Well Emma is starting to wake up again... pray we find a cure to the belly issues!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meme and a Blog Award

So I was having a hard time figuring out what to blog about today, but I have a couple Meme's to do and a blog award I need to mention! This may take me all night to finish (Thank goodness this site saves drafts), because Princess In Training is not sleeping much today. She will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I swear she already acts older than her age!

So for the first Meme... I was tagged while I was in the hospital. As I looked at it I see that the 2 Meme's I was tagged for are actually the same. I was tagged by Tena at Punky Monkeys and Carrie at Raising World Changers

Here are the rules for “6 Quirky Things”: 1. Link back to the person who tagged you 2. Mention the rules on your blog 3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours 4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them 5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. When things are going great I sit and wait for the other shoe to drop.

2. I know kids get dirty and their hair gets messed up, but I dislike dirt and hair perfectly

staying put... Why can't kids go out spotless with perfect hair and come back spotless. I would save money on stain remover!

3. I can quote Friends with the best out there! Everything in my life revolves around this show!

4. I love stocking up on General Hospital episodes on my DVR! My favorite days are when the house is quiet and I can watch my saved episodes all day long!

5. I have a tendency to be controlling! I love things done my way. When it came to group work in school I was in charge. When it comes to cleaning it has do be done my way.

6. Last but not least: I always feel the need to pile on more than I can chew! I am a new SAHM, and even with a newborn I need more to occupy my time. I already want to go back to work some days, and go back to school! I love going to school! I have been out for a year and I am itching to go back. I know I get over stressed when I go, but I am already looking into online classes for the Spring Semester! I want to take creative writing classes and computer graphics.

My tagged people are:

***For those I tagged, you can still do this, but this blog was 3 hours in the making!***
Anyone who wants to do this! I would love and write names, but I don't know a lot of names who haven't done this one! Plus Princess In Training is having belly problems so she has been sleeping on my chest a lot today.

Okay now on to the award I was given while in the hospital having "P-I-T"!

Jaime at Just Add Laughter has blessed me with this award! This is my first award and I will surely treasure it! I know Jaime through the world wide web and I have been lucky enough to become friends with her! I do hope we will meet soon!

To her I have a loveable blog! I am surely honored for her to think of me!
When I went to other blogs to pass it along I saw that they have already been blessed with this award! I hope by the time I am blessed with another award I will have someone to pass it on too! Thanks again Jaime!

Okay so this blog was 3 days in the making! My computer is uploading once again YAY!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This mommy is out!

I was going to finish a post I had started, but this mommy is feeling like crap! I have the aches, chills, and a headache that only passes when I take 600mg of ibuprofen. I am so happy Eric is home, because he is taking care of the princesses! He has been a trooper through this! Thank goodness I am no longer breast feeding (gave it 2 weeks, but didn't produce enough to keep Miss Princess In Training satisfied) because I don't have the energy to feed her. I am also trying to keep my distance just in case I am contagious. I really don't want to get my 2 week old sick! I hope you are all having a better weekend than I am! Hopefully I will be back to my old self tomorrow!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Thirty-one years ago the world was made a better place when my hubby was born! I met him when I was 17 years old and we have been together ever since! He is my soul mate, and the one person I can trust the most! He is the best father I could ask for my princesses! Today I spend the day making sure he has the best day! I am blessed that God led me to meet this man! He is my first and only love of my life and I couldn't wish for anything more!

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

*** Okay again my darn computer is not letting me upload pics... don't know what the dealio is!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Darn Computer!!!

I had planned on catching up on some meme's I was tagged for and mention a blog award that I had received while in the hospital having Princess In Training. Well today I guess isn't that day. "P-I-T" was a fussy one today, which is so not like her. Eric and I solved the mystery though. My little peanut is turning into a chunky monkey and is up to eating 4 ounces. Fed her the bottle and she is out like a light!

So, I had been writing my blog on and off today... thank goodness for the automatic save... and my computer is acting up. It won't let me upload anything at the moment! *** So, for those I tagged stay tuned for Saturday and I will post that blog! ***

One last tidbit before I get to cleaning the kitchen and bake a cake.

Sassy went to the American Girl store today and brought home a doll! I cannot believe how much these dolls resemble their owners in terms of skin, eye, and hair color! The dolls are beautiful! Their hair can be brushed and styled, there are many outfits that can be bought, and you can actually buy clothes that match your dolls. I did not go with Sassy on this outing, but I think this place must be great!

Tomorrow my hottie hubby turns the big 3-1! I will have a special blog dedicated to him if I get the time to blog, since we will be having a family day.

Hope your Thursday is great one! I am hoping for some down time, since "P-I-T" seems to be my laid back baby once again!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The next Beatles?

Ok not comparing them to The Beatles, but man are they the hot ticket these days. How do I know? My little sassy princess is in LOVE with them! To her they are hot! (Looking into that Swedish all girls boarding school) So, for those who either are childless, or have boys, or even live under a rock these 3 guys belong to a pop/rock group called The Jonas Brothers. This group consists of 3 brothers: Kevin 20 (left), Jo 18 (right), Nick 16 (center). Who does my princess call her favorite? Kevin! Is this a hint that my little girl goes for older men (Really researching that boarding school) They are the newest phenomenon where screaming, crying girls who come in close contact with them will more then likely faint because of the hysterics. They even starred in a Disney movie Camp Rock... kind of a musical but not. Miss Sassy has a poster, clothing, school supplies, all albums, and even shoes... yes shoes that have to do with the Jo Bros. I do have to admit that I do like their music. Heck if I am going to have to listen to it I may as well enjoy it. My dear dear hubby even took Angela to their concert. Move over Hannah Montana... you have no place in this household! I wonder what group will be around for Miss Emma.

When I think of The Jonas Brothers it brings me back to the days where I was obsessed with NKOTB. Yes, I was one of them. I know I had the dolls and all of the cassette tapes (if you don't know what a cassette tape is and ask I will seriously hurt you). It is kind of nice to see that at this generation there is a band like this that can take us back and reminisce the good ol'days!

Last night was my first bout with a fussy baby. We had the golden arches for dinner and it did not sit well with poor Emma! (eliminating that from my diet) I slept with her on my chest so that I could hopefully help her belly. So, today I plan on catching up on some sleep. Since the Dodger game changed from a noon game to a night game Eric is taking Angela to the beach to build sand castles. This will give me that time to nap!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So Not Complaining!

See that baby? That is all she does these days! I am so not complaining because I know before I know it this baby will be up ALL day long! Last night she slept about 5 hours straight! Good sleep for mommy... good baby! I can already see that she will be more like Eric. She is so laid back and is always content. She does fuss a little in her sleep, but then I hear a butt explosion, aka poo or fart, and she falls right back to sleep. This princess in training will hopefully be my laid-back princess.

Okay I now have to give props to those moms who exclusively breast feed. I am trying my best and man is this a new feat! I chose this route for 2 reasons, 1. it is economical 2. It burns major calories. I have almost lost my preggo weight this time around just by producing milk and not having an appetite (that is back by the way). The only problem for me is that I have the nipples from H-E- double hockey sticks. They are inverted and even all that I have done has not brought them out. So I am now a prisoner to my breast pump... oh so not attractive whatsoever! The upside is that I produce 3 ounces or more at each time and she will drink 3 ounces every time and will be content or sleep for at least 3-5 hours. This mommy sadly is ready to move on to formula. Pumping is taking its toll on me. My milk never came in with Angela so it wasn't painful to dry up. This time, however I am afraid that this will be so painful! I did tell Eric that I will hopefully last one month.

So, Sassy princess is now 8 years old. I have to say that she is such a great big sister. There have been no bouts of jealousy, which makes this mommy so happy. I think Eric being home helps, since he takes her places to keep her occupied. My one problem, well not really a problem is that she is too helpful at times. Tomorrow Eric is taking Angela to a Dodger game, which will give me some time alone.

Tonight I start my nightly neighborhood walks.... AMEN to fresh air! So happy to start my little exercising! I have about 20-25 pounds left to loose to get to my goal weight. I am determined this time since I know that I will never be a baby maker again!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Under Construction

I have wanted to change my background using Simply Fabulous blogger templates, but I needed FireFox. Well I am at my mom's hanging out, because this new mom is getting stir crazy! My sisters computer has this browser. so I thought I would take advantage of it and download a template! There is so much I am trying to learn on my own that I see on other blogs. I love all I see and feel my blog is so boring! Now that I have to spend my days inside, because this mommy has problems with taking my newborn to public places, I will have to look into sprucing this page up! So bear with me while the changes are being done. I will have my blog list back up first... I did add those I new by heart. I wish I had a photographic memory, but with a mom of 2 and my momnesia taking its toll these days I have the biggest mush brain! Hope this place is snazzy enough when I am done. So blogging may be slow while I am in the midst of re-glamorizing my page! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I now am since I was able to break the cuckoo's nest!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday 13: Emma

I am going to quickly get this in before Miss Emma awakes. This Thursday 13 is all about her and what I absolutely love about being a mommy to my Emma!

1. She fits right into this family perfectly.
2. She will sleep a full 3 hours at a time! (Mommy loves this!)
3. She sleeps wherever I put her without waking or fussing.
4. When she is awake she will find the different noises.
5. She only cries when she has a dirty diaper, or hungry.
6. She knew Angela's voice the moment she was born.
7. She makes noises in her sleep when she is about to fart or poop... what I call her butt explosions.
8. She is a great eater and got rid of that jaundice without effort!
9. She will sleep through all noise no matter how loud.
10. Right away I knew she completed my family!
11. She stays awake for an hour to 2 at a time during the day being so alert!
12. She fit right into my night time routine of watching Friends with no problem
13. That the moment I saw her I couldn't believe how in love with her I was!

Okay while I was away having Emma I was tagged for a Meme and got my first blog award (THANKS JAIME!!). I want to post about both but as you can tell I need to find the time. I definitely will be writing things before hand from now on.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I know me typing is technically not a wordless Wednesday! This is a first for me, since I am trying to blog while Emma is sleeping!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Emma Constance has arrived!

Emma the day she arrived! Angela loving her Emma!

I went in Friday morning at 5:30 am. to have Miss Emma by scheduled c-section, because she was breech. I was a nervous wreck before because it was the first time I have ever had surgery. The my surgical nurse and anesthesiologist were awesome! They ended up talking and saying wouldn't it be great if she could be born at 8:08 am. We laughed and even my doctor thought it would be cool to try. So they took there time with pre-op and then wheeled me into the room. It was the weirdest experience I ever went through! When they took her out they told me that she was in fact born at 8:08 am. I then replied with a "shut up"! She looked so perfect! She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 inches long. I went to recovery for 2 hours and then got to my bed! I then met my nurse for the first day and it turned out to be the team mom of one of Eric's old baseball team growing up. She is awesome and made the transition great! My recovery is going really well! I would just like my appetite back! Angela was so great and fell in love with her right away and did not want to share her with anyone... including me! We came home today and was so happy to be home!
On another note today is Angela's 8th birthday! I cannot believe how fast she is growing up! It seems just like yesterday she came home from the hospital. We did cake and presents for her tonight! I have pics but have not uploaded them just yet! I will write more later as I am tired and need to make sure I am rested enough for the middle of the night feedings, since daddy does produce milk!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday 13 and then some!!

Before I get my feet wet with the Thursday 13 here is a bit of an update!

My doctor's office called today to tell me that a lot of his patients have had their babies so my c-section time has been moved to 7:30 am. I am so happy that it is so much earlier! I don't have to sit and think about the unknown! I now get to just get up and go!! So I hope to have the stats and a pic of Emma sometime tomorrow, since I am now in the know of how to blog through text messaging!! THANKS JAIME! So stop by tomorrow night! If I don't get a chance than Saturday is a definite!

Now to the Thursday 13! Since, my baby girl turns 8 on August 11th and I don't know how much I am going to be able to post when I get home I am dedicating this installment to my first princess!!

This Thursday 13 is a countdown to what makes my princess so unique and the best daughter ever!! There were so many I wrote down so even though I have 13 there are so many more out there!!

1. No matter what she will wake up in the morning with a bright smile on her gorgeous face!
2. The way she will come up to you out of the blue and ask for a kiss and hug!
3. That she could be wearing a dress/skirt and some boots and still keep up with the boys when playing football/kickball.
4. How she always wants to compromise so that everyone is happy!
5. She will want to say a prayer out of nowhere!
6. That when she wants to learn something new she gives 110%!
7. When she hears big words she tries to use them whether she uses them right or wrong!
8. How she loves having mommy/daughter nights and cuddle with a movie and and popcorn.
9. That she knows that playing with boys is sometimes easier than putting up with girls and their drama (yes there is drama in the 2nd grade)!
10. How she can take a thought so simple and make it into something so much bigger!
11. That she has her own sense of style and doesn't care what others think about it!
12. That when you look into those beautiful green eyes you can see a lot of future aspirations and dreams just waiting to be fulfilled!!
13. That she already loves her baby sister so much that she already wants her sister to have so much more!!

Today is my last day as a mom of one! I have had a great 8 years of hanging out with my sassy princess! I am going to miss these times, but am so looking forward to seeing her with her little sister! I have been so emotional these last couple of days just thinking about it! This is my last post before Emma will be here, so stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I just set up mobile blogging and am using this as a test.


So after a lot of phone tag today I finally got a hold of my doctor's office! Well I am happy and excited to say that Emma will be here Friday August 8, 2008. I am scheduled at 1 pm. The only downside is that I am going to a hospital that I do not know, but if that means I get my doctor than I am one happy momma!!! I am also relieved because I know for sure that Angela will get to keep her birthday for her! I hope to be home Sunday, but if not than I will be home Monday on Angela's birthday! I hope I can post on here when I get home!! I really didn't care about the date, I just wanted my doctor to do the surgery, but the more I look at it I am really happy it worked out that way. Angela is a millennium baby and Emma will have a golden birthday! So this time next week I will be a mom to 2 princesses with one turning 8! I will have a Thursday 13 on Thursday... It may be Friends related if I have time, but if not I have another topic in mind!!!

I am just on cloud 9 right now! I hope you are all having as great a day that I am!

Baby names and more!

I am sitting here as anxious as can be waiting to hear whether I get in on Friday or not. While I am waiting with both phones glued to my side, I am surfing the web and find this baby name website.. one I haven't seen before. So I thought I would look around and see the different meanings of names. Do you know what they had along with the meaning? The drawbacks... this is all the names that could be used to tease the person with the said name. So, of course I had to look at all the names that I associate with on a daily basis. If you want to know go to this site... babynamer.com. Here are a few of the names I found starting with me:

Allison: the ones with a star are names I was called! Some I liked and some I didn't.
Alley Cat *
Ally *
Ali Baba*
Ally Poo
Allison Wonderland*
All is on
Ally Oop
Ally Belly
Allen's son
Rally Rooster
Ally Bally

Eric: had to include my dearest husband in this! Want to know something THERE ARE NO DRAWBACKS! Of course! I swear... no wonder this man has the biggest ego and exudes so much confidence! I guess I can come to the conclusion that Eric is a strong name!

So, I do have to include my girls' names. I love their names, but do have to see if we have done more bad than good. Okay I know it isn't the name, but still have to know!

Angela: I don't see anything too bad on here... Hopefully kids won't be smart enough for the not so nice ones. So far so good I think!
Angel Face
Angelina Ballerina
Angie Wangie
Angie Pangie
Angel Cake

Emma: Are you kidding me? I did not even think of any of these! I do think M&M is cute and would be a cute nickname for her when she plays a sport. I just may call my little M&M... do you think that is wrong?
M & M

Take a look at your name if you dare... It may bring back some bitterness, or even some not so nice moments of your past!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Well I called my doctor's office and got transfered to the woman who schedules with the hospital. Of course I get voicemail... Ugh! So, I wait again and when I called they had already closed up shop for the day. The on call person I did talk to says that doctors sometimes call after they are done with their patients. Well it is now 6:45 pm. and no call ;0(! I am so anxious and just want to know! The hardest part is not knowing what the decision is. I am hoping I do not have to wait till the 18th if nothing happens! UGH!! I will post as soon as I know anything! I may have to call in the morning! This will be one of the longest nights ever!

Too Funny to wait!!!

I had to post this, because after reading my friend Jaime's blog and kids saying the darnedest things I just had a moment like that!!!

Angela is sitting here next to me looking up words in her dictionary (children's dictionary) and was looking at the letter "f" words. Well she got a picture that looks similar to this... titled fertilization.

All of a sudden I hear... "Aww tadpoles". I look over and I see this pic and I am laughing so hard inside. I wasn't about to correct her because I am not really in the mood for the "birds and the bees talk just yet. Then she goes on to say that it is was either hair or tadpoles... so classic!!! Just had to share!

The end could be nearer then we think!

So today I went into my doctors appt expecting her to have flipped back head down. Well she is still breech. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him that I really don't want to have another doctor deliver my baby. I have only been with this doctor this pregnancy, because my old doctor decided to retire... Um what was he thinking!! He told me that he will be out of town from the 9th to the 17th. Well I told him that I really want him to be the one to deliver, so he is looking into getting me scheduled for a c-section on Friday. I am not getting my hopes up because the date is 08-08-08. There are probably A LOT of people who want this day. I honestly don't care about the date, but more of having my doctor perform the c-section. I don't know the other doctors, so I really don't want someone I don't know to cut me open. If I don't get in for Friday then I will have to wait and be scheduled for the 18th... 3 days after my due date. My fear is that I will go into labor on my own and will have to have a doctor I do not know deliver Emma! So keep your fingers crossed that I can get in on Friday.

"If only there was something in your head to control the things you say." (Chandler)

So I just finished Queen of Babble Gets Hitched! I absolutely LOVED it! It was a great last book to the series! That is all I can say, because I know a few people who have yet to read it! If you haven't read the first two I suggest you read them! They are by Meg Cabot and the first book is Queen of Babble. The main character has a problem with speaking without thinking (hence the Friends quote I started off with). I highly recommend these books if you like light reading! So, now that I have finished this book I am heading back to reread... yes reread, which I never do, the 6th Harry Potter book. I figure I will not be heading to a library or book store these days (don't have the energy to go) so I am reading this in honor of the movie that will be released in November. I have that long to read an almost 700 page book.

So stay tuned later with an update! Once I hear from my doctor I will let you all know the news!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Already Sisterly!!

Since I found out I was pregnant I decided that I wanted Angela to get the chance to give Emma a very special present that she could cherish for a long time, so I came up with the idea to take Angela to Build-A-Bear Workshop to make an original bear for her little sister! So today we went down to Downtown Disney to have a last outing as a mom to one child! Angela picked out the fluffiest pink and white bear. If you are not familiar with the process the animals you pick out have no stuffing. So Angela picked the bear and went to stuff the bear. Before they tie up the stuffed animal they give you a little heart for you to make a wish on. Angela made a wish for her sister. She won't tell me what she said! It is between her and the bear. She put the heart in the bear and the worker closed the bear up. Angela picked out the most perfect shirt for this bear! The shirt has the Disney princess and says Pure Princess... so perfect. She never complained about not making her own bear, so I let her pick out a outfit for a cat she made around her birthday last year. Right now Emma has 3 other stuffed animal so far, and I new that I didn't want many more. This bear is an Angela original and no bear will ever be the same or have the same emotion behind the making! I hope when Emma gets older she will also appreciate the love that was put into making this bear! Oh and Angela also named the bear... Emma... too cute!!

Angela asked if we could go to Libby Luu. Libby Luu is a place for the girliest of all girls and Angela is that girl. You can go and shop, or if you want you can have you girls get a little make-over. I wanted to give Angela a pre-birthday present (she will be 8 on the 11th) from me and also a big sister present for being the best big sister already! So I let her get her makeover. She chose the princess hair do. They really did a great job on her. The package I got for her gave her a sequin shirt... This girl is all about the sequins!! She is the best daughter and it is days like this where I am blessed to have Angela as my daughter!! I truly take being a mom for granted some days!

So today I am 38 weeks pregnant and Emma has received her eviction notice. Regardless if she is head down or breach I am ready for the labor to start!! I hope Emma works her schedule around Angela's birthday! So let the countdown and waiting begin! So if you don't see any posts in a while... or at least more than the average couple days... than I am getting ready to be a mom of 2! I just can't wait to for all my friends and family to meet Emma Constance! This is the longest I have had to wait to open a Christmas present!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!