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Season 1 Episode 16 TOW Two Parts, Part

ROSS: I don't know whether he's testing me, or just acting out, but my monkey is out of control. But, he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, supposedly by accident.

RACHEL: Oh, yeah, I've done that.

ROSS: And then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before I did and pee-ed all over the crossword.

RACHEL: I've never done that.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Angela's Nemisis!

After swimming for 6 days straight... 2 of which was nonstop swimming... has developed swimmers ear in her right ear. On top of that she fell and scraped her shoulder which has been the slowest healing scrape of all time! When medicine is involved in any ailment think of the Friends episode where Rachel has to be held down just to get eye drops in her eyes. That is Angela to a "T'.

So last night when I put her first set of ear drops I have to hold her down... put the drops in her ear while she screams bloody murder. I was surprised CPS wasn't called on me. Well this morning I got crying and no screaming ... a plus. Tonight she was calm... SCORE!!

Tomorrow kicks off the first event of the 4th of July. The Lakewood Block Party! The family comes and we have a great night! The best part FIREWORKS. There is one downside to tomorrow though... Eric has to work ;0(! Ugh such a bummer! At least he does have 10 consequetive days off coming starting the 4th. Can't wait! So many fun things planned for our last summer as a family of 3.

Before I end this post I would like to say... I MISS YOU BRENNA!!! This pregnancy has turned me into a hermit when I am not keeping Angela busy with summer activities. Want to know what is even more pathetic. She lives one street over. Man I must be the laziest of all preggo women! Well I hope you are have a great Friday and weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday 13: The big dreamer!

So I have been saying I was going to do a Thursday 13 for some time now! So here I am FINALLY getting around to it.

So the other night (when I do most my thinking and writing) I started thinking about all the dreams I had growing up. As children we grow up with all kinds of dreams that we want to accomplish! Sadly as time goes on we become more mature and our dreams start to diminish and soon we are left with one. Well here are 13 dreams I once had growing up.

1. Teacher: This dream started when I was in kindergarten. When Mrs. Collins asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I told her... teacher. This dream I almost accomplished. I do get the chance to substitute which is almost full on teacher!

2. Get married and have grand wedding: This one I can check off as DONE! I was your typical girl who dreamt my wedding by having my barbie and ken doll playing the part! It always turned out to be a splendid day! I may have had a small wedding but it was grand to me... plus I got me the pick of the litter in the hubby department!

3. Have babies: This is another one I can check of as done! I have two babies that I get the oppurtunity to be the mother of! I love my girls more and more everyday... even the one who is still cooking!!!

4. Rock star: Now who hasn't dreamt this? I would crank up the music and sing and dance away. The world was my stage. I started to loose faith in this dream around high school!

5. Supermodel: Never thought this one until the end of high school. I had the height and my family used to tell me that I would be great at it. Well Angela can along and that dream poofed into thin air (I do not regret that in the least)

6. Marine Biologist: In 10th grade I was a part of the Ocean Odyessy program and the thought of being out in the ocean and studying the wild life seemed fascinating! Well I had a class in about the physical aspects of the ocean and was turned off. I am happy to say that my Angela has said that this is what she dreams of being. Bet your sweet butt I am keeping this one going!

7. CPA: Well for this one I had dollar signs as my pupils! The money that could be made intrigued the hell out of me. I wanted to that big wig accountant for an international company. Well one really horrible accounting teacher in college blew the flame out of that dream!

8. Real Estate Agent: While in college I had thoughts of dropping out and taking the easy way out but becoming a real estate agent and making moolah that way. I thought I could take care of my family and the hubby could stay home with Angela... I mean wouldn't I be the best wife ever. I do kick my self in the butt at times, because a few years later the market soared and some lucky souls maid money as if it grew on trees. Oh well things happen for a reason.

9. Flipper: Well the new buzz in real estate is flipping houses. Eric and I watch the flipping shows ALL the time! How cool would it be to buy a crappy house that needed TLC and made it the best looking house on the block. The turnaround get and the money you made could set you for the next house and then some. This dream is still there, but with the housing market taking a nose dive this one may have to stay on the back burner for a while.

10. Jewelry Designer: A few years ago my grandmother introduced me into jewelry making and beading. I took classes and had so much fun! Well Brenna (my partner in crime) and I took this idea and ran with it for quite awhile. We spent a lot of money on supplies... we didn't do cheap jewelry. We even got as far as having a business name and business cards. Unfortunately life and school happened which forced us to put the jewelry business on the back burner.

11. School Psychologist: I have always been fascinated with adolescent psychology (why I minored in Human Development) and thought what perfect way to use this skill as to be a school psychologist. Again dollar signs were there in my eyes, because there are so few school psychologists that you can contract yourself out there. Instead of pursuning this dream I took the easy way out with less schooling and stuck with Liberal Arts.

12: Principal: Well kind of like a principal. Because I very strong views on how a school should be run and how education shouldn't be taken lightly or be stressful that I wanted to open my own school. This was short lived because how does one actually open thier own school without it being religion based. I just wanted a good old private school that focused on fun ways of learning all subjects!

13: Writer: I chose this dream as my final 13 for the fact that I still plan on pursuing! I am an avid reader and am amazed at the different levels of writing out there and the amazing stories that keep me hooked till the very end. I have a couple ideas in mind, one that I started in high school in one of the creative writing classes I took! When Emma is at an age where I can go back to school I plan on getting back into creative writing classes. Not sure as to what genre I love most or want to write, but there are many out there to choose. Now if only I can get Oprah to add one of my future novels to her book club.

Here are 13 dreams that I hoped to accomplish. Some I have and some I hope to still. Think back to your childhood... what dreams did you have growing up. Think back to kindergarten when every teacher used to ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Angela has already voiced many dreams and as her mom I am holding them in my hands with great care in hopes they never get crushed. I hope Angela ends up being a rock star/marine biologist/scientist/ astronaut. I hope her becoming smarter than both her parents keeps her motivated! I am biased because I hope she makes lots of money and takes care of her so ever deserving parents!!

I have to say I really enjoyed doing this Thursday 13. I have decided that my Thursday 13's will be in reference to my all time fave television show Friends. There is so much I can say about it, so why not give my readers a glimpse into my obsession!!! Hope you had a great Thursday!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


I just can't seem to light a fire under my butt and sit and write. I have entries in my journal for this blog, but the journal is upstairs and my lap top is downstairs. This 8 month preggo is too sore to go up and down stairs. Poor poor Angela is my fetcher! She isn't here at the moment so I can ask her to do it for me. I wanted to type something since it has been a while so here is some randomness. My in laws are now in Cancun and I am so jealous! I wish I could sit on the beaches of Cancun sipping a margarita while looking at crystal clear ocean water! I got my Phantom of the Opera movie back and can't wait to watch it! I also rented P.S. I Love You from Netflix... I love me some Gerard Butler! I had a dream last night that I could see Emma's feet while she moved around in my stomach. Then I looked down and saw that her legs were growing out of my belly. I even tried tucking her legs and feet into my pants... man the way this pregnancy brain works. I promise that I will blog more this week maybe I will remember to bring down my journal tomorrow. Oh and if someone finds the cleaning fairy out there can you tell her to stop by my place... There is so much to do and with carrying another human around I just can't seem to clean fast enough! I will give a reward if you do find her!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

60 days to go!

As of today I have 60 days to go! I had my appointment today and I am right on schedule! Now if only my sanity could be the same. Today has been one of my moody days! When I got home I was backing into my spot and hit a block of wood that is part of the next door's building. The wood is fine, but now my car has a nice reddish tint. I don't know what is up with me these days. I have been moodier than normal... the car thing turned me into a blubbering idiot! What is done is done I guess. Plus I am having small cases of morning sickness again, and Angela woke up with a sore throat and headache. Right now she feels better so I am hoping it was just her being over tired! Her body must be adjusting to the new schedule.
I am so happy that today I didn't have to get up and worry about Angela going to school! I just love summer! Angela and I are having fun just hanging out together. This is my last summer with it just being the 2 of us, so I am taking in all the alone time I can get with her!
So I have one about a month till baby shower time! The invitations will be out tomorrow. I know I am not supposed to do them, but I love doing invitaions! I am so happy with the ones I got that I just had to be in charge. Well hopefully you are all having a better Monday than I am!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I just want to give one last shout out to all those father's out there. This is for those who are not just sperm donors, but real father's!! So to all those father's out there HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! (oh this is also for those who are surrogate fathers to those without them!)
I want to wish a special Happy Father's Day to my husband! He is the best father I could have asked for! I am the luckiest wife in the world... and he knows it!
Every father's day I always try and do crafty things that Angela makes. This year she made her daddy a bookmark (he has been asking for a while) and she decorated a frame that included a picture of her. I have to say that my little girl is getting to be so crafty! I even got up early and made breakfast... French Toast, turkey sausage, and cinnamon rolls. I may be able to cook a good breakfast, but a rarity in this house!
So as of today I have exactly 2 months till my due date! Does someone own a time machine, because I am SO ready for her to be hear. I may not be ready in terms what she needs materialisticly, but physically and mentally I am very ready. Tomorrow I am off to the doctors! I love hearing her heartbeat!
Lastly for the last time

Monday, June 9, 2008

End of school is in sight!!!

I actually started this blog yesterday, but was so tired I couldn't finish. The first title I had was "Another Manic Monday" so I thought I should change it, since in fact it is Tuesday! I am again eshausted, but more because of all the end of school year activities.

First off let me say, that now that I am 7 1/2 months pregnant I feel that I am starting to regress. I have mild cases of morning sickness yet again and the back pain is coming back! I am really looking forward to the end. One, because I just can't wait to meet Emma and two, because I want my body to be my own again.

I have to say that the end of school is jammed pack with activities. Today was Angela's brownie party. We went to the beach and had a blast. I do wish we would have had a warmer day, but that did not stop the girls from going in the water! Her troop is wonderful and I am glad Angela gets to experience all the fun and also learn what it means to help others! Tomorrow her class is having a party and Thursday the 2nd is heading off the park... the best part is Eric is off and he gets to come with me to the all the Thursday festivities.

Now those who know me well know we are embarking on my most favorite time of the year. Summer is my season of joy and happiness! I love the fact my daughter gets to be home with me. I love that the weather is warmer (this lady hates the cold!) and it is the season to swim! Plus te 4th of July is in the summer and my favorite holiday! My family goes all out for this day and a fun day is had by all.

There is so much I want to say, but like I said I am exhausted and am ready for bed! I did tell my friend that I would do a Thursday 13 and I am working on it. I have a subject in mind and was going to write it last week, but I found out that it is harder than I thought to put together! I amd ending by posting a picture of my daughter Angela. This was taken last Saturday at a birthday/father's day party for FIL. The reason I had to include this is because it shows my daughter to a 'T". Ever since she was a little girl she would get all dressed up to get down and dirty outside. As you can see she is wearing a skirt and boots and playing soccer. She does this at school as well. Whenever I see her outside at school playing she is out there with the boys either playing kickball or football while in a skirt, tights, and boots. She may look good, but man she can hang with the best of them!

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday and have a great Wednesday!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My little Emma!!!

Today was the big ultrasound day. They say that at about 1 month old you start to see your babies personality. Well Emma is already showing hers. She is still showing us that nothing is going to come easy with her. From the start of the ultrasound we saw that she loves to snuggle with her arm and hand near her face. Her hand was blocking her face at first and all I could think was... "Here we go again!" I felt dejavu coming after trying to find out the sex. After a lot of poking and prodding to get her to move we were FINALLY able to see some great shots!

We also found out that she is head down... and I mean way down! I am taking this as a sign that she will not need a lot of pushing to come out... do you think it is wishful thinking? She has her legs bent with her knees to her chin... I hope she can keep that flexibility because man I wish I did!! So far we think she looks like Angela... at least she does have Eric's eyes, she has the cutest little nose, long legs, and big feet. It could be the ultrasound machine... I don't know, but they do say a camera adds 10 pounds. There is one pic where she looks like she is smiling, and another where she is chewing on her fingers. She is just too cute!

This was such a wonderful experience! I just loved looking at my baby girls little face! Of course I had tears in my eyes while watching her... the Celine Dion music in the background probably helped also! I am so in love with her that I just can't wait to hold her and just kiss her all over! It's days like these where August just seems so far away!!!

So I need to boast about the place we went to. It is called Before the stork 4D. You can read about them at http://beforethestork4d.com/
. This place makes you feel at home and they do thier best to get the best pictures possible. I even got a little gift bag at the end! If you know of anyone who is pregnant and lives in LA or OC than let them know about this place!!!

Here are the pics:

Here is the last image and the most perfect one of her... see she made us work for the good shot!

Her mouth is open and she was chewing on her hand

Here we swear she was mocking us with this smile... but cute nonetheless.

Here she is snuggling up against her arm!

Here is her leg and foot. As you can see she has it tucked in nicely... I see big feet in my future!

Can you see her little ear?

Well I hope you enjoyed this fascinating experience! I loved every minute of it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The best big sister EVER!!!

Okay I know I have already blogged today (a personal record I would think), but Angela is just on a roll for being so cute and so caring!!!
Today I was cleaning and doing so much that I started getting mild Braxton Hicks contractions (BH). I told her that I couldn't go up and down the stairs and need to rest because of this. She came to my stomach and started talking to Emma... I could you not the feeling stopped! She loves to talk to my stomach and kiss Emma. She is always telling her that she loves her and thinks she is the cutest baby out there! Tonight she asked if she could read Emma a story and I replied OF COURSE!!! So, my princess read to her little sister There's a Wocket in my Pocket.
It's times like these where you know parenting is the best job any person can have. We may have our moments, and I may vent, but I wouldn't trade all the times with anything else in the world! I am one lucky mommy and God really did bless me with the best family ever. I also never have any room to complain about my inlaws because they too are the best (be jealous, because I would be ;0))! Just had to share my "aww" moment with the masses! I am just a proud mommy right now.
Oh might I add that miss Angela did her bed time routine with out fussing (which happens more often then none) and told me that she was going to start being good ALL the time. As she was starting to brush her teeth I could hear her talking to herself saying, "I will listen, I will not whine, say not or doubt"... Oh my gosh how cute is that!!! I swear this girl knows things beyond her years, but CHOOSES not to do them... Like tying her shoes in preschool. She knew how, but knew others would do it for her. Her preschool teacher told us that she was doing great in all areas, but needed to learn to tie her shoes. Eric and I look at each other confused and tell the teacher that she does in fact know how to tie her shoes... The teacher looks shocked and couldn't believe it! Man this child sure knows how to work the system!!! Wait for the teenage years AHHHHH!!!
Well again Happy Tuesday, or should I say Happy Tuesday evening. I am again going to gush about how excited I am for tomorrow. I think I am more excited because this technology was not around when I was pregnant with Angela. I was even letting Angela stay home from school to go, but her class is going to the Santa Ana zoo tomorrow and we let her choose and the zoo won. She told us to make sure to tell her ALL about it when we picked her up. I told her we would have a lot of pictures and even a video for her to watch! She was I think more relieved that she would be able to experience it when she got home. Man that girl just warms my heart in the most simple ways!!
So I am done till tomorrow. I swear I think I am coming to give a quick anecdote and tend to write a novel. I am practicing for the novel I swear I will write one day!

Angela the social butterfly!

Angela moment number 1:
So the start of my afternoon with Angela home consisted of her watching a movie while I napped. Yes, I nap while my daughter is watching tv... I gotta do what I gotta do to get some sanity back for the rest of the day! Well once I wake up she wants to play with her friends, which is fine with me, because that gets her out of my hair and I can get things done. About a minute later she comes in and tells me that they can't play, because they got in trouble the day before and this was their consequence. I told her, "See if you don't listen you get the same consequence." She agreed, because it has happened. Well later on I tell her no tv until dinner (I need quiet time). She asks if she can play video games... I again say no, because it is time for the tv to be off. Under her breath, with her back to me she says "You are just being mean." I ask her "What did you say?" She proceeds she didn't say a word and I then repeat what she said. She goes, "You are hearing things." I tell her that for lying to my face you are not allowed to play outside and I send her to her room. Now if she would have copped to it, it would have been a 7 minute timeout (thanks Supernanny). As we are playing Mario Kart later that night together (some one on one time, since mommy can't run and play like I usually like to do). She decides to be on another team, so she can win (using the computer players to help). I am in fact winning and jokingly say, "I bet you wish you were on my team"... well she interupts me and said "Are you saying I am stupid?" I look at her and tell her, "You know that is one of the words I WILL NEVER call you." She then says, "I guess I am the one hearing things." Man was I in stitches!!

Angela moment number 2:
This summer is going to be a busy one for my princess. She will have swimming lessons, science camp, a trip to San Fransisco (with MIL), Sea World, OC fair, Baby Shower, Emma's arrival etc.

When I send her to her room she counts her money and asks how much a plane ticket costs. I am thinking, Wow I just made her so mad she wants to run away. No, she wants to buy her own ticket to San Fran... so cute! I tell her it is about $100... too much she says, because she has counted only $12. Well than she asks to go to Rite Aid down the street. I ask why. She first says to get a journal... This girl has a ton of diaries. I tell her this and she says... not that kind the kind you write down what you have planned. She says I have so much to do this summer that I need to keep track. I tell her I will get one at Target (a lot cheaper). She just can't wait so she makes her own until I can get her one. My daughter the planner!!

Well I just had to tell my Angela stories for the day... Oh and can someone answer this for me? Why is it you have one thing you need to get from Target and you end up walking out with an armload of stuff? Eric and I walked in to get a calender for Angela (cost us $2 mind you) and we walked out with about $60 dollars worth of stuff. This a mystery I will never solve
Have a GREAT Tuesday... come back tomorrow (if you have myspace, cafemom, or belong to the playgroup I am a part of I will leave a message), because I will be sharing the 3D/4D ultrasound experience! I cannot wait!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

What a weekend!!!!

Okay so bear with me, because I have a novel to right!!! So sit back with a glass of wine... or other another beverage you like and enjoy!

So my weekend started Friday with a trip to the state capital to see Phantom of the Opera with my mother in law. This is my Christmas gift from my BIL and his fiance! So the flight went pretty smooth and I was able to get through it without freaking out too bad. I did watch the flight attendants every time turbulence hit just make sure they were still doing their thing. We got there about 1 pm and got to our hotel about 2. The hotel was pretty nice for our overnight trip. After a nap and getting as dolled up as a pregnant woman can get it was time for a night of fun! I got to say I was laughing as soon as my BIL and Erik picked us up. As soon as my BIL got out of the car he looks at me and says "Hey Jaime Lynn"! OMG I was dying!!! Our first stop was the Capitol Buliding for a kodak, or Olympus moment (the camera I do have). My MIL wanted to make sure I saw something other than the play while we were in Sacramento. While there we took some picks and I almost peed my pants (not hard to do since Emma likes to use my bladder as a pillow or ball, since I am not sure if she is head down yet)because of Eriks Governator impressions... man did he nail them!!! They took us to dinner at an Italian restaurant. Even though I was the only one without wine (in time in time!) the food was awesome and this preggo pigged out on some canneloni. After dinner we were off to the play!!! We had great seats and I as soon as it started I got chills. When the chandelier lights up after the auction the chills just ran up and down my spine! I just love the music!!! I saw the movie first and man the movie does not do the play justice! I am so thankful for this gift, because I would have never seen this on my own!! So thank you Brian and Erik for one of the greatest gifts ever!!!

So, while we were at dinner my BIL and Erik dropped a bombshell on us. They have decided to move to Australia. Yes you heard right AUSTRALIA!! They have put in the application, which because their careers are in high demand over there they will be going! This will take about a year to go through the whole process. Even though we will all miss them we will definately be visiting them!!

The trip was great and my weekend ended as it should...well mostly... with the birth of Addyson! Our friends Dennis and Devon welcomed their little girl June 1st (her due date and first child... so jealous) weighing 9 pounds and 20 or 20 1/2 inches long. Sorry I have momnesia and forgot (momnesia is in fact real... saw it on the news) how long. I got to visit and she is absolutely perfect and so beautiful!!! I cannot wait till Emma is born and our daughters can be buddies!

Okay now my weekend was going perfect till my DH took Angela and her cousin Jessica to the park. I was at home and all of a sudden Angela comes in like her sassy says and tells me "Daddy twisted his knee and we tried calling put you wouldn't pick up." I am thinking "no he didn't." Well in walks in... or should I say limps in Eric. He tells me that while he was chasing the girls he jumps off one of the contraptions and lands on his bad knee twisting it. (has been twisted before and just got fully healed not too long ago). Well a stranger at the park kindly let DH borrow her cell phone to call me. Well the phone did ring (our house phone) and I did not recognize the number. Only 4 people have the number, so when a unfamiliar number calls I DO NOT answer it!! I hate telemarketers and refuse to give them the time of day (sorry if this is your profession... at least you get voicemail and not an angry rude person on the other line). Well I tell Eric, I didn't know the number and wasn't answering (he did call 3 times in a row, but I just thought it was an overzealous telemarketer). Also, I did not see that Eric forgot her cell. Oops... bad wife. I hate when he is hurt, because I know he is frustrated when he can't just do what he wants. He is also unable to play softball... he loves playing! I know I am being self involved, but he couldn't have done this at the worst possible time. We are about 2 months away from my due date and a month away from my baby shower, and I have so much to get done. Especially with all these boxes that need to get to the garage. I just may need to find a sucker who will want to help (((hint hint))) ;0)

So here is the rundown of my weekend. I hope you enjoyed your wine or beverage and my little blog HA HA! Oh and stayed tuned on Wednesday. We have our 3D/4D appointment, so I will definately be sharing the pictures and hopefully video (if I can figure it out). I am so excited to see our Emma with her baby fat! I will be 2 days away from my 30 week mark... can you believe I only have 10 weeks to go? WOO HOO!!!