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Season 1 Episode 16 TOW Two Parts, Part

ROSS: I don't know whether he's testing me, or just acting out, but my monkey is out of control. But, he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, supposedly by accident.

RACHEL: Oh, yeah, I've done that.

ROSS: And then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before I did and pee-ed all over the crossword.

RACHEL: I've never done that.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Tirade...

Here is a pic from the shower. The diaper cake was made by my step-mom.

Okay I start with a bit of a tirade today!

Today I had a doctors appointment at 9 am. The parking spots at this place are pretty much all compact spaces, which luckily I have a tiny Toyota Corolla. So, when I get there I always park away from cars so I can maximize the space I am given. Now for the last 2 appointments some jack ass (excuse my french) has parked SO close that I have a hard time getting in my car to leave. It is so frustrating! HELLO the 9 month preggo hear can't suck in the stomach. I am to the point where I don't mind dinging cars because they deserve it. Today the lucky car was a BMW convertible with the top down. I could give a flying you know what for damaging a door so I can get in my car to leave. Can someone tell me how hard it is to back up and situate your car so that both cars on either side can get out? UGH

Tirade over!!

SO today was my 35 week appointment. I am now officially a ever week appointment preggor!! WOO HOO! Anywho, he did the Strep B culture... feel a little violated, but hell I am pregnant so I should get used to it by now. I was dissapointed becuase he didn't check for progress. I was hoping he would but no he didn't. Why is it that doctors never divulge information willingly. It is like I have to beat it out of him! UGH! Oh well... Baby is healthy and that is all that matters. My fundus height was on track, as was the heartbeat! The countdown is on! Is there some kind of tracker you can put on a blog? If you know please let me know!

Okay so I didn't get a chance to get into too much detail about the baby shower. I am now blanking on what I already wrote... It was more of a low key shower than Angela's! We played a few games, but none that exuded social interaction. We did the necklace "Can't say baby game" Brenna won that one. We did a "Guess how many" game which consisted of cotton balls in a giant bottle my aunt Joyce won that one. The last game was a diaper raffle. My cousin Isabelle won that one. We mainly all relaxed and mingled.

If Emma decided to enter the world today I would be okay because we now have everything we could possibly need and it is all washed! I even got me a hooter hider! I wasn't going to but I splurged. The one thing I didn't get was the sling, but I have time on that. I am in major nesting mode again, because my plan is to have the whole house organized and clean before she comes, so when I come home I am coming home to a nice clean house. Anyone think that can happen?

Okay, so everytime I go to other blogs I sit in awe over how great they look and how interesting they are. I am in a rut and hope that I get more viewers. I know of 2 consistant ones. My hubby comes on, but only if I leave the window up. He gets a kick out of it. I guess I want it more inticing. I need to look into creative posts. The Thursday 13 is the only one right now and for the most part not that consistant, except I am almost done with the promised Thursday 13: Fave quotes from Friends when Rachel was pregnant. So if you have any advice or insight into livening this site up please let me know! I am cheap though so hopefully it won't cost me anything... okay I am not cheap, but Eric would not be happy spending money for this blog.

Hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday! I am off to hopefully take a quick nap.


Jaime H. said...

I like to use www.tickerfactory.com or www.lilypie.com Both have cute trackers!!

Congrats!! You're almost done!

Oh, and about the cars. I hate it..and I'm not even pregnant! Of course, I have 2 kids I have to get in the back seat, one of which I have to buckle into a car seat! My back windows are tinted dark, though, so they can't see them! I should put a sign on my back window: "Car seats in back seat. Park within close proximity at your own risk!"


Let me know when you add a ticker!

Tena said...

The BMW totally deserved it! Buttwipes!!! I can't wait to see Emma! Sorry I couldn't go to the shower, damn Jim and his new job, but you know I can't resist shopping for baby girls, so when I see you on Saturday, I come baring gifts!! YAY!
You know I swear by www.happyslings.com you can try both of mine out when Emma comes if you'd like, it is worth
spending a tad bit more to get a good one ( meaning not one you can get at BRU's) just the opinion of a mommy who has slung ( that sounds weird) 3 babies!

As for getting traffic to your blog, sign up to one of the fantastic blogger forums, you can see them all on my site.

See You Saturday for so yummy food, and MAMA MIA!! Here I go again.....

Okay, alright, good bye!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the baby first of all :-)

Your tirade just reminded me of when I was leaving my babys doctors office after getting shots (she was screaming poor thing) and some jerk in a white Escalade parked lirerally right on top of me Couldn't get in the drivers side at all and that happened to be the side the baby seat was on. My son ended up getting in on the other side and helping me and the baby in. I so wanted to back out and open my window and drag a sharpie down the side.