Weekly Friends TV Quote!

Season 1 Episode 16 TOW Two Parts, Part

ROSS: I don't know whether he's testing me, or just acting out, but my monkey is out of control. But, he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, supposedly by accident.

RACHEL: Oh, yeah, I've done that.

ROSS: And then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before I did and pee-ed all over the crossword.

RACHEL: I've never done that.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Aloha Friday #2

It is Friday yet again... WOO HOO! Well not much of a WOO HOO for me. I am battling gall bladder pain... a long story for another post, which will be tomorrow if I can!

My all time favorite TV show is Friends as you can see from my favorite quotes section above! How obsessed am I you ask?

* I always win at the Friends Scene It no matter who I play
* I sometimes talk about them like they really are my friends
* Anything can remind me about a episode
* I will quote a line and people have no idea what I am talking about
* Everynight I choose a disc and will loop it so it will play over and over

My question to is this... Do you have a favorite movie or tv show that you are obsessed with?
Please say you do... it will make me look less crazy if that is possible!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


Kailani said...

I used to be a total Friends fanatic. Now Brothers and Sisters is the show I just can't miss!

Cathi said...

I love the movie, To Kill A Mockingbird. I watch it every month or so. I also loved the movie Mama Mia. I am anxiously awaiting for the DVD release. It's such a happy get up and dance movie.

TheAngelForever said...

Love Grey's Anatomy :) Of course looking at my DVR list you would know there are plenty more that I do not like to miss.

Jennifer said...

I used to love, love, HBO's Rome- then they pulled the plug on it. {{sniff, sniff}}

Nowadays, I'm diggin, 'The Tudors' on Showtime. :)

Happy ALoha Friday!

Andrea McMann said...

Between x-box and ultimate fighting, hubby monopolizes the t.v. too much for me to get obsessed with any shows. I do LOVE My Name is Earl, though. Thanks to DVR, I never miss an episode. :)

Dee said...

Greys! i get all excited on Thursdays!

Jen said...

I watch a lot of tv but can always laugh with a Friends re-run although I can't quote lines like you.

Anonymous said...

I always have at least one show that seems to rock my world. These days it's a toss up between Greys Anatomy & Bones but I'm also loving Fringe :)

sheila said...

There was never a crappy Friends episode. I think it may have been one of the best all time shows! Remember Phoebe, "Oh! MY EYES! MY EYES"
lol, how hysterical!

I'm obsessed with LOST! now and 24. The old King of Queens are hilarious.

Tena said...

okay, I can not answer this question because the list is way too long, so this should make you feel good that you are hooked on Friends!
God Bless my DVR because I push it to the breaking point daily

P.S. I didn't realize my Mr Linky wasn't working, so I went ahead and added you to it...sorry

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

OK... we cancelled TV for a year and a half and just got it back (reasons are too long for a comment). Anyway, since we haven't watched in so long, my hubbie and I watch an episode of House together every night to end our day. WE LOVE IT! He is sooooo snarky. It cracks us up.

If we get into Characters, I would say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Phoebe from Friends. She can make me laugh like no other TV character.

The Farmer Files said...

LOST...and I even got a part as an extra. ;)

Mommie Mayhem said...

Yepers !! On Fridays its CW's "The Game" On Sundays its Dexter and True Blood , On Thursdays its ER. You are not alone my sister .. you are so not alone !

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

You are NOT crazy. Every one has one whether they admit it or not. I was a Crossing Jordan fan.

Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I like historical dramas preferable on premium channels because they seem more real. My favorites have been Rome, The Tudors, and John Adams!

Heart of Rachel said...

I was a big fan of Friends. I still enjoy watching re-runs.

As for movies, my old time favorites are Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail and Pretty Woman.

The Smith Family said...

Well you should know I LOVE One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, And Grey's. Never have I ever missed an episode. I I do happen to I always catch up on the DVR :) HEEHEE