Weekly Friends TV Quote!

Season 1 Episode 16 TOW Two Parts, Part

ROSS: I don't know whether he's testing me, or just acting out, but my monkey is out of control. But, he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, supposedly by accident.

RACHEL: Oh, yeah, I've done that.

ROSS: And then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before I did and pee-ed all over the crossword.

RACHEL: I've never done that.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Enjoying Dinner...

... Well enjoying and bathing in it. I think she knows something I don't. Bathing in lasagna must do wonders for the skin. Maybe that is why her skin is so baby soft! Come on skin care companies obviously the babies of the world are in the know of something you don't!

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