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Season 1 Episode 16 TOW Two Parts, Part

ROSS: I don't know whether he's testing me, or just acting out, but my monkey is out of control. But, he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, supposedly by accident.

RACHEL: Oh, yeah, I've done that.

ROSS: And then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before I did and pee-ed all over the crossword.

RACHEL: I've never done that.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The next Beatles?

Ok not comparing them to The Beatles, but man are they the hot ticket these days. How do I know? My little sassy princess is in LOVE with them! To her they are hot! (Looking into that Swedish all girls boarding school) So, for those who either are childless, or have boys, or even live under a rock these 3 guys belong to a pop/rock group called The Jonas Brothers. This group consists of 3 brothers: Kevin 20 (left), Jo 18 (right), Nick 16 (center). Who does my princess call her favorite? Kevin! Is this a hint that my little girl goes for older men (Really researching that boarding school) They are the newest phenomenon where screaming, crying girls who come in close contact with them will more then likely faint because of the hysterics. They even starred in a Disney movie Camp Rock... kind of a musical but not. Miss Sassy has a poster, clothing, school supplies, all albums, and even shoes... yes shoes that have to do with the Jo Bros. I do have to admit that I do like their music. Heck if I am going to have to listen to it I may as well enjoy it. My dear dear hubby even took Angela to their concert. Move over Hannah Montana... you have no place in this household! I wonder what group will be around for Miss Emma.

When I think of The Jonas Brothers it brings me back to the days where I was obsessed with NKOTB. Yes, I was one of them. I know I had the dolls and all of the cassette tapes (if you don't know what a cassette tape is and ask I will seriously hurt you). It is kind of nice to see that at this generation there is a band like this that can take us back and reminisce the good ol'days!

Last night was my first bout with a fussy baby. We had the golden arches for dinner and it did not sit well with poor Emma! (eliminating that from my diet) I slept with her on my chest so that I could hopefully help her belly. So, today I plan on catching up on some sleep. Since the Dodger game changed from a noon game to a night game Eric is taking Angela to the beach to build sand castles. This will give me that time to nap!

Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I have two girls in love with these boys too! I also loved NKOTB - Jordan was my fav.... ohhhh the memories!!

Mrs4444 said...

Hope you got a nice, LONG nap! :)

Jaime @ Just Add Laughter said...

Yep. Jo Bros are popular here, too! The bad thing? We don't have the Disney Channel!!!!!

When you find out info on that boarding school, let me know!

And I was a NKOTB girl, too!

Tena said...

You know I am all about NKOTB!! But I will admit, even in a house full of all boys, I enjoy a Jo Bro song now and again, of course D could care less about them. He's not the boss of the radio... I AM!!!

The Mom said...

I've said the same thing, they are the next Beatles! I love those cuties!

Tena said...

You have been tagged Allison!

Mommie Mayhem said...

I was a big NKOTB fan !! The Jonas Brothers just did a concert by me. There was a whole bunch of screaming , crying , teenyboppers. Ah to be young again :)